Take Your Vehicle To A Garage For Its MOT When It Reaches Its 3rd Birthday

How long has it been since you brought your brand new car back from the showroom? Under 1 year? Nearly 2? If your car is approaching its 3rd birthday you will need to be searching for a garage that is able to carry out MOTs. MOT tests need to be carried out on your vehicle every year once it reaches 3 years of age, otherwise it will be illegal to drive it and you may not be able to get it taxed or insured. Townfoot Garage is a specialist MOT garage and can also undertake work on your car using manufacturer's parts. Get in touch today to book your vehicle into our garage.

Regular Servicing Helps To Look After Your Car's Engine

Do you want to make sure that your car's engine continues to stay in a good condition? Regular servicing can check that there is nothing wrong with your car and that all fluids such as the oil and coolant are topped up to the right levels so that there is less of a chance of worn or overheated parts. Get in touch with Townfoot Garage to book your vehicle's service. Within our family run business, the skills and experience gained from repairing and maintaining engines and vehicles has been passed down from generation to generation and encompasses both traditional and modern techniques.

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